Credits For Reclaimed Materials

With over 20 years of experience in reclamation ADS Demolition ensure that maximum yield of period materials and architectural antiques are salvaged from demolition of Georgian, Victorian and pre-war 20th Century buildings. Main areas of salvage are bricks, roof tiles, timber floorboards and joists and architectural antiques. We process these items quickly for resale into the reclamation trade and sometimes private customers. The speed at which these items are processed does not affect the high quality of the finished product, and we have customers throughout the UK ready to take them off our hands as soon as they are available.

Recent Projects

Reclaimed Bricks

It is estimated that there are 200 million reclaimed bricks sold annually in the UK, and countless quantities of other reclaimed items including floorboards and roof tiles. Aside from the obvious green credentials of reuse, where the process of manufacturing new materials is eliminated, reclaimed materials also have important conservation credentials. There are many important Heritage Buildings undergoing major restoration, and even more previously restored, where reclaimed materials have been used to match the existing. Organisations such as The Canal Trust and British Waterways use reclaimed bricks to repair bridges and viaducts on their tourist routes, and Council Planning Departments can insist that reclaimed products are used in alteration work on homes in conservation areas. And then there are those people who use reclaimed products in their projects simply because they are nice to look at and it gives them pleasure.

When you are looking at that dilapidated old building that needs to be removed from your land, please be mindful that the old bricks may be worth a small (or large) fortune, and dial 07828 443963.