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ADS Demolition Architectural Salvage are dismantlers of period buildings and reclaimers of period building materials, including bricks and timbers. We also offer commercial demolition services, site clearance, asbestos removal and an efficient stripping out service, and are keen to undertake work with high scrap metal content. The value of items that can be sold is assessed at the quoting stage and will reduce the cost of demolition work, often substantially. Items that are suitable for reclamation and resale are bricks, timber joists and floorboards, roof tiles, floor tiles and architectural antiques for example chimney pots, doors and ornamental stonework.

We have demolished buildings large and small, ranging from houses and disused public houses, to disused schools, churches, factory estates and a derelict Victorian hospital. We have salvaged thousands of tons of bricks, timbers and roof tiles. Much of this has ended up being used on important conservation projects, or simply by people wanted to match brickwork when extending their homes. Our customer base is nationwide and includes reclamation yards who will take these materials off our hands as soon as they are available.

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Not all materials arising from demolition are suitable for reclamation and resale, and as far as possible these are processed for recycling. We aim to stop at least 85% of demolition materials ending up in landfill.
Timber waste is shredded and used as animal bedding or biomass. Plasterboard, roof felt, UPVC window frames and other recyclables are separated and sent for processing. When it is not possible to separate rubbish, it will be put into mixed waste skips, which will be collected by waste disposal companies. Reputable waste transfer companies are employed, who will process waste to further reduce landfill quantities.

Following demolition of all structures above ground level, we can lift concrete floor slabs, and excavate underground building foundations and other obstructions. These can be stockpiled with brick rubble and concrete that came from the buildings, and either crushed or disposed depending on quantity and specification supplied by the customer. Once crushed, the hardcore can be used to fill any voids in the ground, or to bring the ground to formation level. Leftover hardcore can either be retained by the customer for use in their development or sold.

We are mindful of all conservation issues including wildlife, and recently worked alongside a company licensed by Natural England to investigate and safely remove live bats from a roof voids in old barns before asbestos could be removed from the buildings.


All asbestos related work, including Refurbishment and Demolition Asbestos Surveys, notifiable and licensed work, and non-licensed work including the removal of asbestos cement roofs is undertaken. We supply competitive quotes for these works. Please see the asbestos section on this website for more details.

Buildings that we demolish are often badly dilapidated or structurally unsound, presenting a potentially dangerous working environment. Risk assessments are undertaken before and during works, and problems identified are dealt with before workers enter the buildings. A written job specific method statement and risk assessment will be available before works begin, alongside copies of our insurance documents. Often demolition works are subject to scrutiny by local authorities and other interested parties. We liaise with them where necessary to ensure that the project can move forward with minimal disruption. We have a reputation for finishing contracts in good time and leaving a tidy site behind us. Please feel free to contact us for a no obligation quote.

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